Personal injury agency Ridder Letselschade

Have you had an accident and suffered personal injury as a result? Then you must be looking for someone to help you claim compensation for your personal injury. Look no further, because Ridder Letselschade can help you with this. And this will not cost you anything. You therefore do not have to worry about us sending you a bill. Below I will describe to you how you claim compensation for personal injury in the Netherlands.

Personal injury through accident

Imagine that you have had an accident through the fault of someone else. This could be while in traffic or at work. Dutch law stipulates that the person who was responsible for your injury is the party that has to pay compensation to you. This also includes any costs you incur when claiming for your damages. For this, and certainly if you have sustained injury leading to you incurring damages, you may call upon the services of a personal injury specialist. We have many years of specialist experience in claiming for personal injury.

What can I claim compensation for?

You are entitled to claim all the costs that you have incurred due to the accident. This can include the own risk of your health insurance, travel costs for visiting doctors or hospital, and any reduced earnings due to time off work . You can also claim for immaterial damage. This is damage that does not consist of costs, but can be caused by pain, mutilation, distress, etc.

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